Objectives of OATN

Our main objective is to strive for the achievement of recognition, regulate, regularize the Optometry Profession & Education. We believe this can be done by conducting & facilitating conferences, seminars, workshops & symposiums with reference to the Optometry education and practices. We also want to ensure Optometry cannot be practiced by those who are not qualified and make sure the code of ethics is followed by all optometrists.

We believe in reducing the percentage of blindness, low vision and visual impairment by conducting screening programs for persons of all ages including children and senior citizens, also with our participation in blindness control programs and schemes conducted by the government.

Our major goal is to establish or help in the establishment of organizations for the rehabilitation of persons with blindness and low vision.

In order to enroll as members in this institute, one must be a qualified Optometrist from a reputed institution & maintain a good register of minimum 2 yrs of regular Optometry Programme or its equivalent. We want to ensure a bridge courses to be conducted in order to upgrade the diploma holders to the level of degree holders.

One of our top priorities is to facilitate a law for optometry by coordinating with organizations who are involved in the lobby for a law.