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Mucormycosis – Myths, Facts and Role of Optometrist

Myopia Advocay

The Future Of Geriatric Eye

Scared of Statistics? Not anymore!

Shree. Rajnikanth Turakhia Memorial Session by Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg

தடைக்கற்களை படிக்கற்களாக மாற்றுவது எப்படி? (Transforming obstacles to stepping stones)

Interpretation of Glaucoma OCT Report by Dr. S Ve. Ramesh

How To Read an OCT Report for Various Retinal Conditions?

Automated Visual Fields – Report Reading and Recent Advances

Dry Eyes – Diagnosis, referral criteria and co-management

Condolence Meeting of Dr.Rajeswari Mahadevan

Understanding Pediatric Low Vision

This Too Shall Pass – இதுவும் கடந்து போகும் by Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy

Low Vision Care: A Community Based Approach

Community Eye Care in The Post COVID19 Era

Business Perspectives in Optometry



Orthokeratology: My Journey so far……

Understanding glare: evaluation and impact on vision

Think Outside The Box!

Clinical Imaging in Glaucoma Diagnosis

Managing the Myopia Epidemic Post COVID 19

Mastering the advancement in Dispensing Optics

Managing the Myopia Epidemic – Post COVID 2019

Managing the Myopia Epidemic – Post COVID 2019

Differential Diagnosis of Red Eye by Dr Balasubramaniam & Optom. Saranta S.B

Spherical Equivalent Soft CL OR Soft Toric CL – What’s the recommendation?

Can cataract be delayed – A talk by Dr Rashima Asokan

Best Practice in Customer Retention Strategies